Pilot Program Partnership Opportunity


We're on a mission to empower teams and catalyze success across organizations with our Neuroscience-Powered Digital Immersion Coaching Program. We're seeking partnerships with ten distinguished organizations passionate about Leadership Development. If your team is ready to elevate its potential, we're eager to connect with you.

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Neuroscience-Powered Digital Immersion Coaching Program

Steeped in cutting-edge neuroscience and expertly designed to unlock your team’s full potential

Unstoppable You

For Business Leaders

Unlock Peak Performance and Elevate Your Leadership Skills

Tailored for Real World Impact

Designed to address the specific needs of business leaders, ensuring practicality and tangible results in real-world scenarios.

Empowering and Transformative

Utilizes dynamic strategies to transform leadership capabilities and elevate performance.

Tested Across Diverse Industries

Rigorously evaluated and proven effective across diverse industries, ensuring wide applicability.

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Is your company a fit?

We aim to support ambitious leaders and dynamic organizations within the tech, healthcare, finance, recruiting, manufacturing, education, and consulting sectors. We're keenly interested in partnering with companies that prioritize tracking individual and team performance and championing a culture centered on growth and excellence.

If we are describing your team, please reach out by completing the survey below.

Shared Goals & Shared Benefits

The Unstoppable YOU transformative program goes beyond surface-level improvements, tapping into deep learning to stimulate profound, inside-out behavioral changes. Instilling renewed confidence, clarity, perspective, enduring motivation, and resilience, the program equips participants with the internal resources necessary to build competitive modern businesses, especially for navigating and conquering challenging economic conditions.

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Employee Benefits


Company Benefits

"Before working with Roddy, I thought I was already performing at a top level, but I wasn't hitting my goals. After training with Roddy, I broke through many of the barriers stopping me from getting in flow and being resilient and confident in growing my business and team."

Parker Harris

President, Junto Global

Let's work together.

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The Roddy Carter Global Team is honored to accept your application for one of the ten slots open for our research initiative. If you would like to partner with us or want more information, please click below and fill out the survey to see if we are a fit.